Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I want need everything

okay perhaps some of you may have seen this but in case  you haven't you're in for a treat...absolutely love all of the outfits from the new ThreadSence collection...i want and need everything from it :) 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Toi Et Moi


Sooo I am in love with Toi Et Moi's newest collection called I seek I find...What I love about Toi Et Moi's looks is that they all look so effortlessly chic...the above pictures are just a few of my favorites.... but if you want to find out more about Toi Et Moi just follow this little link  hope you check it out!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Early mornings

Today was the beginning of summer school....sooo Monday was a bit more exciting... it was July 4th and I got to see a spectacular firework show, unfortunately, my camera decided it wouldn't take good quality pics :( but fortunately my fiance snapped a few for me and the last photo on here is my fav from the ones he took...the other pics are from where I was sitting awaiting for the show to start...the weather was perfect, which is surprising because this is Texas! but it was really lovely to just sit there and watch the sunset and then get to enjoy the fireworks being shot off...

Now about this outfit...i've had this top for forever and I still absolutely love it! The color of it is absolutely my favorite...i'm very drawn to pastels, lol...but the flowiness of this top is just superb :) basically if I had to pick just one blouse to wear everyday for the rest of my life...I would for sure pick this one...hope everyone's week/life is going amazing!!