Thursday, August 4, 2011

long overdue

Oh my goodness gracious this is sooo long over due!!!! okay first thing outfit (which was from a couple days ago :( but i'm just NOW getting to putting this up!! i'm a bad blogger lol) anywayyy about the outfit right now I have a serious hardcore critical obsession with lace...i love lace it's soo pretty and feminine and just oh how i love it and the amazing shoes that I'm wearing are from the wonderful online store called's the link to it:
if you haven't checked it out yet you HAVE to go there right this second they have THE cutest selection of shoes, i'm very much in love with the shoes that I'm wearing in the photo they are completely perfect for any occasion and they are SOO comfortable!! so again you must go check out their site!

okay here is my sad and pathetic little tale as to why this has taken me FOREVER to put up.... well for one i'm a college student and unfortunately class always gets in the way of me having fun... i mean shouldn't the teachers know that college is about having fun and NOT learning....anyway other than class I've been working on this side little project of mine...right now I've been making some jewelry and I love it! I don't know why I have never thought of doing this before... I've put up a few pics of the items that I've made so far but there are more pics to come, i just haven't gotten around to taking them...but what i love about the items that i've put on here is that there are a couple ways to wear them such as a bracelet, necklace or a headband! if anyone is interested in buying them just contact me and i'd love to work something out OR I have put them up for sale on etsy here is the link: again if you are interested in anything just let me know! Hope all is well!

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