Thursday, December 22, 2011

looking back...

Outfit Details: top: forever 21, Jeans: UrbanOutfitters, Shoes: Francesca's Boutique

These pics were taken quite a while ago....I haven't been able to sit down and post it because the end of this semester was extremely nuts...but I am done for awhile now and have time to just finally breathe, relax and enjoy my holiday :) extremely excited for the new year and in just a few months I will be done with my undergraduate classes and will graduate from Baylor University!! absolutely cannot believe how soon all of this is happening! I remember when I was just starting at Baylor and being incredibly nervous yet excited about embarking upon the whole college adventure I had no clue what to expect...I have loved every single minute of my time at Baylor of course there were a few bumps and bruises but that's life :)


  1. Great photos. I love your outfit.

  2. love your darling look, your shoes are amazing! and i'll be the same as you too, will be graduating from my undergraduate course in a few more months! best of luck to you :)

  3. wow.. believe me when I say that your top is so lovely! The place, the song, your outfit... simple amazing!

    Have a lovely weekend,


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