Tuesday, June 21, 2011

fringe it out

today has been such a slow moving day but i have been reading a new book...well it's new to me it's actually pretty old, it is called p.s. i love you and i've actually seen the movie about a gazillion and one times... there was a period of time in my life where i would watch it like every single night lol anyway the book and movie are totally and completely different from each other, i mean the basic plot line is the same and some things are the same but there are different characters in the book & movie...honestly books that are made into movies are sometimes a bit of a disapointment...don't get me wrong i love harry potter and yes i admit i love twilight lol but most of the time after i've seen the movie version i always think why couldn't they have just followed the book? the books are usually (in my opinion) better...but whatever no one asks me my opinion before they make the movie and the movie industry seems to be doing just fine lol but back to the my main point....the book (p.s. i love yoou) is really really good it's made me cry a couple of different times and i'm only half way through! sooo if you haven't read the book it's definitely a must read!

now about my outfit i'm in love with the top and boots both have fringe on them and it's sorta hard to see that the shoes do but theyyy dooo...i love the way the fringe moves when i'm walking, it's very flowy and makes me feel like i'm kinda dancing :) 

hope everyone's week is going greeattt!  

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